Q:  What is The Truth On Roids?
A:  The Truth On Roids is a Web TV(video) show  where the host along with the featured guest The Truth" review the lastest in performance supplements.  The focuses on legal anabolics (steroids) although we also review many other popular supplements like creatine, nitric oxide, ect.

Q:  Are you a supplement web site?
A:  No, we are not a supplement site although we do sell a few items.  Typically, when we review a product, we will bring in a limited supply of that product usually with a special offer exclusively for our viewers.  This is our way of saying thank you for joining the mailing list and watching the show.

Q:  Why do you spend the time and money producing the show?
A:  True... writing, creating and producing a show like this does cost time, money and many man hours.  We do it because we truly want to provide some type of objectivity for the person reading the magazine ads wondering is the product worth their money.  Besides, we share the same passion for health and fitness as you do, so it truly is our pleasure doing this for you.  It's Fun!

Q:  I need staple products like protein, glutamine, BCAAs, ect.  Do you recommend any sites?
A:  Some good sites that we recommend are LyonsProteinSource.Com, TipTopSupplements.Com and SupplementXpress.Net.  When placing an order with any of these sites, put in the customer comments that The Truth sent you and I'm sure you'll get a discount or something extra.