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   Looking for a supplement to help you build big muscles?  Been reading the magazines or heard about a new supplement at the gym or from a friend?  Maybe you don't know what you should take and need some insight on what works.   The Truth on Roids is a free web-based supplement review show (newsletter) that focuses on the latest in performance supplements with a focus on currently legal anabolics to help you on your quest to build the biggest, most muscular body possible without the risks of such illegal substances as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Winstrol-V, Equipoise, Testosterone, Sustanon 250, Primabolan and similar drugs that can spell trouble.  Plus there's tons of information on diet, recipes, exercises and much, much more.

   Hosted by the sites owner and veteran bodybuilder Horace Lyons ("All Day") and featuring recurring guest "The Truth", the video show is fun, informative and entertaining.  The show periodically invites supplement manufacturer reps to talk about new products.  Regular local gym rats also frequent the show and are allowed to give full unbiased ratings on camera to give an objective view on the effectiveness of many of the products you see advertised on television and in the magazines.

   All you have to do is join our free mailing list and you can view the latest show featured above and everytime we review a new product you will be emailed with a direct link to the page containing that review video, and you can unsubscribe anytime.  Your information is safe and will never be sold, given or traded with anyone at all. 
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